Some More Gear...

I've managed to get mostly everything I need stuffed into a nice little Plano Guide Box. It's all waterproof and it floats, which is great when you accidentally dump it in the river.
I've got another little multi-compartment box that fits perfectly inside the bigger box. The smaller one holds a mess of smaller hooks, splitshot, slip sinkers and swivels, too.
I like to keep a variety of hooks on hand, 'cause you just never know, right. They range in size and style anywhere from a size 6 plain baitholder hook, for worms and shit, all the way up to 10/0 circle hooks for big 'ol slabs of cut suckers. For the most part I find myself using 1 - 2/0 circles hooks in the river for worms and smaller bait rigs. The bigger circle hooks I use on my heavier rigs topped off with big 'ol pieces of cut bait.The weights I keep in my tackle box also come in a broad range of shapes and sizes. Smaller 2-3 sized splitshot all the way up to 3 oz. baitcasting weights. Once again, keepin' a variety of sizes on hand makes it super easy to switch up from the river to the lake.
As far as bobbers go, I like to keep a couple small ones hand for worm or leech rigs, and two bigger ones for live sucker rigs, both for when I am posted up on one of the local lakes.
I've also recently added some lures to mix, the floating and shallow diving ones I find are the most versatile for both the river and lake, and are definately the most "weed-free" as far as the l lakes here in the cities are concerned.
I have also managed to cram in an extra pack or two of leaders, a hook sharpener, and the famous Zebco Fish De-Liar, which I guess never really put to any use. In addition to what I have stuffed in my tackle box, I carry a nice leatherman multitool, a small little headlamp(to free up the hands), a pocketknife, some spreaders, and a good flashlight,too.