Dragonfly Vs. Cicada

I stumbled upon this little struggle while the kids and I were out hikin' alongside the river one afternoon about a month ago. I guess there's not a lot of fishin' related sustance to this post, but some really cool pictures to be sure.

It Started Off Good....

These pictures are all posted in chronological order. A big 'ol fish right off the bat sure was promising, but it just went downhill from there. Unfortunately, the only other fish we had between the three of us was that sunny, but that picture of Andy sure turned out sweet. We had pulled up and left our first spot to go and hike a spot we had never checked out before. The spot was kind of a bust and it didn't really pan out the way we had figured it would have. The carp skull definately topped off the night for sure, maybe it was an omen...


Carp, Carp, Carp

Here is a pretty right on article on the pros and cons of carp fishin'. I hope I don't get in trouble for reposting part of it....

"In the early 1600s, Izaak Walton, the granddaddy of thoughtful anglers, devoted a chapter of his book The Compleat Angler to carp:

The Carp is the Queen of Rivers: a stately, good and very subtle fish. The Carp, if he have water-room and good feed, will grow to a very great bigness and length; I have heard, to be much above a yard long.
He is a very subtle fish, and hard to be caught. If you will fish for a Carp, you must put on a very large measure of patience, especially to fish for a River-Carp."

Black Metal...

This is how it is.

The Last Couple Of Nights...

The last couple of nights haven't been the best but they most certainly haven't been the worst, either. With the full moon and everything, I personally had some seriously high expectations for both nights. Truth be told, we probably missed more fish than we caught, but at least we still got some fish. I got my first carp in what seemed like forever and, unfortunately, Andy got skunked for the first time this year. We did get a chance to go hike a brand new spot, at least brand new for a couple of us. I think once again, the expectations were high, and maybe not necessarily fulfilled, but ultimately the river did in fact oblige us, and eventually gave up some fish before the night was over.

The Toad

I picked this guy up when we were leavin' the other night. I think he would have come all the way home with us he was so chill.

Some Bitchin' New Photos....

Valhalla? I think so.

These two pictures simply came out bad ass, that's all.